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Who May Borrow Library Materials

Any currently enrolled LACCD student, Pierce faculty member or Pierce staff member can borrow materials from the Pierce Library. Students must be currently enrolled in a class at Pierce to borrow reserve materials. Community members are welcome to use the library, but may not borrow materials to take home. 

The library communicates with users through their student and staff email accounts. Make sure to check your email for reminder and overdue notices.

Library Card

Your Student ID card is your library card. Current ID cards from any LACCD campus will be accepted. You must show your Student ID card to borrow materials. Student ID cards can be obtained from Copy Tech.

Types of Materials that can be borrowed

  • Circulating Books Students may check out a total of ten books at a time with a maximum of five on one subject. Books are loaned out for two weeks at a time and renewed up to two times as long as no one else has a hold placed on the book. 
  • Reserve Textbooks The library carries some, not all, of the current textbooks assigned for classes. Most of these reserve books have a two hour time limit.You can search for your textbook through the book catalog. Holds cannot be placed on Reserve Items. Only students enrolled at Pierce college can borrow reserve materials.
  • Periodicals Students may check out a total of ten periodicals at a time with a maximum of five of the same title. Periodicals are loaned out for one week at a time and renewed up to two times as long as no one else has placed a hold on the periodical. Periodicals may be renewed only at the periodicals desk - not over the telephone or online.


Students can renew items in person at the circulation desk, online, or through the library's app Bookmyne, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

Reserve items may not be renewed. 2 hour items must remain on the shelf for 30 minutes before being borrowed again. All other items must remain on the shelf for 24 hours before being borrowed again.

Emails will be sent to borrowers reminding them when books are due and when they become overdue.  


Fines are calculated only for the days the library is open. Overdue books from the stacks are fined at the rate of twenty cents per day. Overdue two hour reserve textbooks are fined at the rate of one dollar per hour. See the chart below for other item types. At the current time, fines can only be paid in the library by cash, money order, cashier's check or personal check (your name on check).


Detailed Loan Policy Chart including Fines

Item Limit Check Out Period Renewals Fine Max. Fine
Books or CDs from Stacks 10 2 weeks 2 .20/day $20
Reference CDs 7 2 weeks 2 .20/day $20
2 Hour Reserve Books or CDs 5 2 hours 0 $1/hour $85
1 Day Reserve Books or CDs 7 1 day 0 $5/day $85
3 Day Reserve Books or CDs 7 3 days 0 $5/day $85
7 Day Reserve Books or CDs 7 7 days 0 $3/day $85
Periodicals    10 7 days 2 .10/day $5
2 Hour Reserve Articles 5 2 hours 0 .50/day $10
Paperback Books 10 2 weeks 2 .20/day $20
Calculators 1 1 day 2 $3/day $20
Graphing Calculators 1 4 hours 0 $1/hour $10
Headphones    1 4 hours 1 $1/hour   $10
Dry Erase Markers (box)    1 2 hours    ------     -----
Laptop Computers 1 1 semester 0 $10/day $100


Lost  Item and Damaged Material Charges

It is expected that items borrowed from the library will be returned in the same condition as borrowed. Students are financially responsible for items returned damaged (water damage, pages missing, etc.). 

Books: library’s replacement cost of the book plus $10 processing fee

Paperback Books and Reserve Articles: $10 plus $10 processing fee

Periodicals: library’s replacement cost of issue plus $5 processing fee

CDs: $20


Placing Holds

Students can place holds on up to three items, at any of the LACCD libraries. Holds are available only for regular circulating items - no reserve materials. If an item is eligible to be placed on hold, there will be a hold button next to the item title in the catalog. Fill out the required fields. You will receive an email once the items are ready to be picked up. Items not picked up within 7 days will be returned to the owning library. 

LACCD students can also go directly to one of the other libraries to borrow items. This does not apply to reserve items, which are usually only available for students from that college. 

Interlibrary  Loans

Pierce College does not participate in any interlibrary loan agreements.