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Library Science 102 - Internet Research Methods (1 unit, CSU transferable)

This course covers the process of conducting online research using book catalogs, ebook collections, article databases, and the web. Students will learn how to find applicable resources, evaluate their content and credibility, and utilize sources in an ethical manner. This course focuses on how to find and evaluate information and resource materials on the Internet. Information access, search strategies, and specific search tools will be covered. Copyright, censorship, and intellectual property will be discussed.

Two sections of the course are offered in the Spring of 2017.

Information about each section is below (and additional info may be found in the online schedule of classes):

0739 Lec 12:55 pm - 2:00 pm T Th VALDEZ, L L LLC 5212 (8 Week Class - Starts 4/10/2017, Ends 6/3/2017 )

0923 2-Hrs, 5 min TBA DIEHL, M E INTERNET This course is taught online. No campus meetings required.