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Evaluating Information on the Internet

Learn how to evaluate whether a website and its contents are reliable and discover tools and tricks to get better results from your online searches.

Finding & Evaluating Online Information

Because the Internet is so big, you will have much better success finding information on a specific topic by following a few basic tips and learning a few search techniques.

  • To learn more about the databases and search engines you should use in your research, use the Where to Start? resources.
  • Need help constructing a search in a database or on the web? Use the Search Techniques tab to get tips and tricks.

Even more important is learning how to evaluate whether the information you find is reliable and useful.

  • Want to know how to distinguish the good from the too good to be true on the internet? See the Evaluating Websites page.

This guide will teach you valuable search techniques and tips on how to evaluate a website's appropriateness.

What is the Internet?