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Evaluating Information on the Internet

Learn how to evaluate whether a website and its contents are reliable and discover tools and tricks to get better results from your online searches.

Boolean Operators 101

Want to learn even more about Boolean searching? Check out this video from Pam Posz at Sacramento City College:

More about Boolean Operators

You can combine keywords using AND, OR, NOT:

AND gets more specific results because all the words must be on a web page. Some search engines (like Google) automatically insert AND between words, but it doesn't hurt for you to put it there.

"climate change" AND cars

OR allows you to search for synonyms or word variations in one search. Often there are other words that mean the same as your keyword. OR searchers for these variations at the same time.

"climate change" AND (cars OR vehicles OR automobiles)

NOT eliminates unwanted words. This prevents useless sites from showing in your searches.

"climate change" AND cars NOT hybrids