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Research Scheduler

It takes time to research and write, so plan ahead!

When to start?

15-Week Semester: Weeks 5-7; 5-Week Summer/Winter Session: Week 2

Step 5: Finding Useful Books and E-Books

Reading a novel from the library on an iPad

"247/365 Reading a novel from the library..." by Michael Sauers, September 4, 2011. 

If your assignment allows you to use books, start at the Pierce Library website and use the OneSearch box to search.

To find a book on the shelf in the Library, write down the call number (the book's address on the library shelf)--e.g., BJ 2121 .F47 2014.
cartoon lightbulb TIP These shelves are called the "stacks."

Learn more about Library of Congress call numbers and how to use them. (Northwestern Universitry)

To find e-books that you can read for free online, or download for free from home, go to the Pierce Library website:  in the menu on the left, click on Books and then E-Books on the Library homepage, to see three E-Book collections. Click on each collection to search it.

Is your book a credible source? How To Evaluate Books (Colorado State University)

cartoon lightbulb TIP Remember to keep track of your sources. The Citing Your Sources guide can help!