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Research Scheduler

It takes time to research and write, so plan ahead!

When to start?

15-Week Semester: Weeks 6-8; 5-Week Summer/Winter Session: Week 2-3

Step 6: Finding Useful Articles

Find magazine, journal, and newspaper articles in Pierce Library databases for free using your Student ID # and PIN.

   cartoon lightbulb TIP! Start with Academic Search Complete (ASC)! Learn how to use it (2-page guide to print - PDF;
alternate formats available on request)

                  Why use ASC?

1. ASC includes articles on many topics from 13,000 publications, back to 1887 (for some publications). All ASC articles are free to Pierce students.

2. CSUN and UCLA also subscribe to ASC, so when you transfer, you will already know how to use this database for research papers.

More tips on searching for and evaluating materials:

cartoon lightbulb TIP! Remember to keep track of your sources. The Citing Your Sources guide can help!


VIDEOS (Click the CC button at the bottom right of each video to see captions).

"Peer Review in 3 Minutes" (3:16) explains how scholarly journals use "peers," experts in a field, to help decide whether or not to publish articles.  

NOTE: To see captions, start the video, then click the CC button at the bottom right, or click Transcript.


"From Idea to Library" (2:28) describes how scholars publish articles about their research, and how libraries make them available to you. 

NOTE: To see captions, start the video, then click the CC button at the bottom right, or click Transcript.