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Research Scheduler

It takes time to research and write, so plan ahead!

When to start?

15-Week Semester: Weeks 7-9; 5-Week Summer/Winter Session: Weeks 2-3

Finding Trustworthy Websites

Lincoln: Don't believe everything you read just because there's an image with text next to it

Some websites are more credible than others. Which ones are trustworthy? 

Start by finding out when the site was created, by whom, and what points of view and expertise the authors may have.

Try these links for more tips on evaluating web sources:

cartoon lightbulb TIP! Remember to keep track of your sources. The Citing Your Sources guide can help!

Using Wikipedia

cartoon lightbulb TIP! Many professors prefer students not to use Wikipedia as a source in their papers. 
                    Check with your instructor!

If you would like use Wikipedia in your research here are some useful guidelines: