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Research Scheduler

It takes time to research and write, so plan ahead!

When to start?

15-Week Semester: Weeks 14-15; 5-Week Summer/Winter Session: Weeks 4-5

Give Credit & Provide Evidence

Citation = a reference that provides enough information for someone to locate an item. Citations document sources and serve as evidence for arguments. 

Plagiarism = using someone else's ideas and presenting them as though they were your own.

Before handing in your paper, make sure that you have correctly cited any sources you used in order to avoid plagiarism.

Try these links to learn more about citing your sources and avoiding plagiarism:

Revise and Polish Your Paper

Check grammar and spelling.

Then, figure out which types of items you are citing, in order to cite them correctly.

        cartoon lightbulb TIP! "Which is Which?" Try this worksheet and check with a librarian to see if you got it right.

Be sure to check whether your instructor wants you to format your paper in a specific style.

Find guides to common styles here: