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Help, My Research Paper is Due Workshop

Our Research Paper Assignment

Final Paper Assignment

Photo of vintage TV showing rainbow colored vertical stripes across screenEach of us is surrounded by media images, audio, and video all day, every day:

•we pass billboards when we are in our cars and on the bus;
•we see advertisements, images, and videos when we scroll through our social media sites;
•we hear music on the radio, Spotify, and on our ipods; and,
•we see real and fictionalized video when we watch television, go to the movies, or watch video clips on our phones.


How does all the media we are exposed to impact the way we think, and feel, about other people? Does it portray people in an unbiased manner or does it create/further racial and gender stereotypes?

For our assignment, you will need to explore ONE media source (like one advertising campaign, television genre, popular film, musician, etc.) and analyze whether your specific source does, or does not, contribute to stereotypes based on race or gender.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to acquire at least 5 credible sources on your research topic. At least two of these five sources must be scholarly journal articles.