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Help, My Research Paper is Due Workshop

Translate Our Topic Into Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases that best describe your topic. 

Although we may think in complete sentences, when we are searching for books and articles we want to search using keywords to find the best results.

magnetic poetry by surrealmuse

Translate topic into keywords

  • Topic: Does the reality television genre create or perpetuate stereotypes based on race or gender?
  • Keywords: reality television stereotypes race gender

Brainstorm synonyms, or related words, for each of our keywords.

  • Example for reality television: unscripted television, the name of a kind of reality show (like game shows), or the names of specific shows (like Temptation Island or The Real Housewives)


Connect Keywords with Boolean Operators

Boolean operators (and, or, not) allow us to specify the relationship between our words.