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Credo Information Literacy Tutorials: Faculty Guide

Getting Started

Faculty, below are the ways you can make the Credo Information Literacy Tutorials available to your students through your website or through email:

1. Share the whole thing!

You can link your students directly to our tutorial by sharing the whole course with them by using the URL links provided on the next page down.  Just remember: this is A LOT of content!!! You may want to assign the tutorial early, or consider assigning bits and pieces at a time (see #2 below). Review the content before assigning to see which portions will be most helpful for your students.

2. Share a specific tutorial or video! 

Feel free to supplement your existing class content, or to scaffold your students' learning by sharing individual pieces of the tutorial. For example: are your students struggling with MLA (or APA or Chicago) citations? Why not share the MLA (or APA or Chicago) tutorial and video with them? The URL links page has the links you can place on your website or send in an email.


*Please note that off-campus students and faculty will be prompted to login before content loads as the tutorial content is provided through a database. Content can also be placed in Canvas with LTI which does not require additional logins.