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Literary Criticism

Learn how to find critical scholarship related to a literary work, author, or literary movement using Pierce's print and electronic resources.

Gale Literary Criticism Reference Series

About the Gale Collection

The main source for literary criticism in the reference collection is the Gale Literary Criticism series, a collection of literary criticisms arranged by time period or format. 

Using the Gale Reference Sets

Some of these series will have a Cumulative Title Index; if such an index exists for the set you are using, look up your title here. If no cumulative index exists, find the last volume of the series and look up your title, author, or topic there.

There is also an online Gale literary index. Looking up the name of an author or work will tell you which of the Gale series discuss this topic. (Note that Pierce does not own all of the Gale series or volumes listed in the index.)

You may also browse/search some of the Gale series online. To link directly to the online volumes of CLC, TCLC, and SSC click here.


Literary Criticism in Reference Collection