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Research Scheduler

It takes time to research and write, so plan ahead!

Planning Your Research Paper

Every journey begins with the first step - road through a forest

"Journey - First Step" by Melanie Campbell

Information researching and writing take time, so plan ahead!

Click on each step for details.

  cartoon lightbulb TIP! Check WHEN? under each step and add to your calendar.

STEP 1: Get Started!
   WHEN? Weeks 1-2

STEP 2: Pick a Topic
   WHEN? Weeks 3-4

STEP 3: Build a Research Strategy
   WHEN? Weeks 3-4

STEP 4: Topic Overview
   WHEN? Weeks 4-5

STEP 5: Find Useful Books
   WHEN? Weeks 5-7

STEP 6: Find Useful Articles
   WHEN? Weeks 6-8

STEP 7: Find Trustworthy Web Sources
   WHEN? Weeks 7-9

STEP 8: Create an Outline
   WHEN? Week 10

STEP 9: Write a First Draft
   WHEN? Weeks 11-13

STEP 10: Polish Your Final Draft 
     WHEN? Weeks 14-15


   cartoon lightbulb TIP!  Complete these steps in the order that works best for you! 
                       You can always revisit a step later.


Attribution: Adapted from UCLA Library's 2008 "Research Paper Planner," created by Alice Kawakami. Last update by Amy Cameron, Maggie Smith, and Esther Grassian, 2015. CC: BY-NC

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