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Learn how to find books & ebooks, articles, and websites on History topics.

Keywords and Themes

In The American Yawp Reader, you will be conducting research on keywords within a variety of themes you may find in each chapter listed below. I will provide a few examples of search terms and/or themes and how you should use them within the databases. For example:  This is a very short list. Peruse the chapter to find other themes/topics to help you focus on a particular event. Remember to use keywords and not full phrases when conducting research. Remember that the information in these chapters are based on first-hand accounts [primary sources]. There is a red tab on the left that provides more information and links to more primary sources. 

27. The Sixties - Also try our Gale eBooks collection on popular themes in the 1960s era. 

  • 1960s and CORE 

  • 1960s and "The Bay of Pigs"

  • Kennedy and Cuba

28. The Unraveling

 29. The Triumph of the Right 

 30. The Recent Past 

  • Bush and Racism

  • Clinton and Welfare Reform

  • 9/11 and Terrorism

  • Katrina and Refugees

Civil Rights and Malcolm X [click on Civil Rights and Malcolm X to see what an actual search looks like using OneSearch] To see an example search using some of these terms in OneSearch.

The 1619 Project

Image of 1619 Project article

Read articles from the 1619 project embedded in each slide by clicking on the text.

For The 1619 Project, you will be using the keywords .. , and pairing them with "civil rights" or 'civil rights movement". Also try paring keywords with: "social aspects", "racial dynamics", movement or "political complexities".

To see an example search using some of these terms in OneSearch.

A People's History of American Empire: A Graphic Adaptation

For A People's History of American Empire: A Graphic Adaptation, you will focusing on chapters 8 and 9. The link should take you to your course Canvas shell.  

To find more information, search using OneSearch under the print books tab. 

To learn more about some of themes, try our reference library Gale eBooks

For more information about setting up a search, and how to use keywords, see our Search Techniques Guide.  REMEMBER TO CHECK THE SCHOLARLY/PEER REVIEWED BOX. 


To access the databases from off campus, you will need to sign in with your Pierce ID number and your 4-digit password (MMDD in birthday format).