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Citing your Sources

Learn why citations are crucial in your written work and how to cite sources correctly using a variety of different style guides.

Why are citations important?

Style guides, like the MLA and APA, explain how you should format your written work and how you should cite your references.

Citations are important because they:

  • Show your Professor that you performed research on your subject and found pertinent sources;
  • Demonstrate that you can use sources correctly and are not plagiarizing content;
  • Contextualize your statements within the broader conversation;
  • Add credibility to your work as a student and scholar.

What sources need to be cited?

Any time you quote or paraphrase the ideas of another, you should provide a citation.

You do not need to cite things which are common knowledge ("there are seven days in a week" or "the sky is blue") or your own opinion, but you DO need to provide citations for the facts and opinions you borrow from others.

Citation Styles

Use the links below to get information about the style manual used in your class:

  1. Formatting your paper & works cited list with MLA 7th.
  2. Formatting your paper & works cited list with MLA 8th.
  3. Formatting your paper & references with APA Style
  4. Formatting your paper & bibliography with Chicago & Turabian Styles
  5. Other Style Manuals (including the AP Stylebook for Journalism)