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Magazines vs. Journals

Learn how to tell the difference between a magazine, meant for a general readership, and an academic journal.

Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Refereed Journals

The terms scholarly, refereed, and peer reviewed tend to be used interchangeably. These terms refer to:

  • An academic journal (which is different from a magazine) which has strict guidelines in place to ensure that the content published is accurate, authoritative, and complete.
  • The process these journals use to ensure that their content meets these standards requires other experts in the subject matter to judge, or referee, the value of the article submitted for publication. This is what is known as the "peer review process."

You can find peer reviewed journal articles:


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Journals and Library Databases

Want a crash course in academic journals and the library databases you use to search for them? Check out this great video put out by RMIT University.

An Introduction to Peer Review

A short three minute video that explains what the peer review process entails and why peer reviwed articles are considered credible, valuable sources.