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Learn how to search for information on psychology topics in books & ebooks, article databases, and the web.

Understanding the citation

Part I: Choosing an Article There are many citations listed in the references section of your book, but not all of the citations are to journal articles that contain original research. Citations for books, websites, news transcripts, magazine articles, etc. are all intermixed with the journal article citations. 


Search for Article in One Search

From the Library's homepage, select "Articles and Ebooks" from the One Search drop down menu. Then, type your article's title into the search box and hit search.

Navigate One Search Results Screen

Look for your article in your list of results and click on its title. (Pierce does not have access to all journals and articles; if your article is not included in the list of results, you will need to choose a different article to try.)

Linking into an Article Database

One Search will show you which article databases include article's from your journal and for what time period. The article we are using is from December of 2004; all of the databases that include our journal include our time period (2004).

Clicking on any of the database names in the "Full text availability" list will take me to my article itself.


Viewing the article

Once you are in an article database, click on the PDF or HTML links (from the left side of this screen) to see the full text of your article.