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Animal Science & Veterinary Technology

Learn how to find books, articles and other resources related to animal science and veterinary medicine.

Finding a recent article

Your assignment is to find a journal article no more than six months old or a magazine article no more than three months old having to do with animal nutrition. There are two ways to approach this assignment: browsing and searching. If you don't have a specific subject in mind, you might want to browse the print journals that the library carries to find an article of interest. If you do have a specific subject in mind, searching for those keywords in One Search, Google Scholar, or Science Direct would be the best approach.

After finding your initial article, you must find three more sources for your blended summary.  The library's "One Search" searches many of the sources you would want to use all at once (Science Direct, Ebsco ebooks, Academic Search Complete). You can continue to search Science Direct for additional articles on the topic (review articles might be better at this point), search the Nutrient Requirement Guidelines and use the animal nutrition books located in the Reference area.