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Reading Apprenticeship

the Reading Apprenticeship program by the Center of Academic Success

Reading Apprenticeship is an approach to reading instruction that helps young people
develop the knowledge, strategies, and dispositions they need to become more powerful
readers. It is at heart a partnership of expertise, drawing on what teachers know and do as
discipline-based readers, and on adolescents’ unique and often underestimated strengths
as learners.

dimensions of reading apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship helps students become better readers by:

• engaging students in more reading—for recreation as well as for subject-area learning
and self-challenge;
• making the teacher’s discipline-based reading processes and knowledge visible to students;
• making students’ reading processes, motivations, strategies, knowledge, and understandings
visible to the teacher and to one another;
• helping students gain insight into their own reading processes; and
• helping them develop a repertoire of problem-solving strategies for overcoming obstacles
and deepening comprehension of texts from various academic disciplines.