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Learn how to find books, articles and other resources related to chemistry.

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Getting Started with Research

  1. Read your assignment
  2. Choose a topic
  3. Develop a research question
    • Once you have a topic that interests you, develop some potential research questions on your topic. A good research question does not have a simple yes or no answer, and will generally start with a word like why, how, or what. 
      • Example topic: Endangered species.
      • Example research question on this topic: What is required for an animal to be added to the endangered species list?
  4. Turn your research question into keywords  
  5. Search for sources
    • Search using your keywords in One Search, or another library resource, and examine your results. You may find no relevant results, way too many results, results that are not interesting, or results that are just different from what you expected. These are signs that you may want to tweak your research question to find better results. This is normal as few of us rarely start with a topic that works perfectly.
  6. Continue searching for relevant books/ebooks, articles, and other sources using the resources included in this guide. If you have questions, or get stuck, click on the "Need Help?" tab for assistance.

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Image of book cover
Image of book cover
Image of book cover.
Image of yellow book cover, with a fork and knife framing an orange circle in the middle. The circle has chemical / molecular symbols inside.
Image of a red cover with a pile of white sugar seen from above with a silver spoon partially buried in it.
Image of a large body of water and cloudy grey skies. There are retainer walls along the the bottom part of the image with a lighthouse-light structure at the edge of one of them.
Image of closeup of a tear gas container with label describing contents of cannister, in black and white photograph and gray background.
Image of book cover.
Image of cross section of dirt and soil underground with tree roots, rocks, and circles of various sizes and colors in one section.
Image of book cover.
Image of a green book cover with the word
Image of black book cover with artwork of arms and hands of different colors in two columns reaching toward the middle to touch or perhaps shake hands.
Image of book cover.