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Researching an Economics Topic

Growth of Family Income Chart 1947-1979 & 1980-2007

This guide will help you locate books, articles, and other sources that can help with your economics research.

There are several types of sources you will want to look for in researching your economics assignments:

  1. Print books: these resources are located in the library (in the book stacks, the reference area, or at the reserve desk), and some may be checked out for as long as two weeks.

  2. Ebooks: many reference books, nonfiction books, and fiction books can be found in electronic format, freely available.

  3. Articles: come from periodicals (newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals). The library owns some periodicals in print and you can get to many more for free by using the Pierce Library's online databases.

  4. Suggested Websites: credible websites for economics information.

  5. Films and Videos: links to films related to economics topics.