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From Classroom to Career: How to Network, Nail the Interview, and Navigate for Success by Shirley Morrison

The rules have changed; the traditional workplace is dead. To BOOM in employment today, the secret is to alter the approach, and From Classroom to Career will tell you how. Gen Z and Millennials are asking for this value-led guide as they embark on careers. Entertaining, personal, and relatable, the voice of the book is purposely casual, as if speaking in a café. It's a voice everyone trusts. Reasonable, logical, and concrete advice for today's how-to: how to write a business email; how to successfully land and then stand out in an interview, including in a virtual world; how to ask questions that can be adapted to any job/role; how to write a CV with examples. Inspiring, surprising, real-life stories show empathy for what the readers are likely going through, so they'll forget it's a business book. From Classroom to Career integrates the personal and career. This is in fact the real reality of every human being: we're so much more than careerists. It's impossible to thrive career-wise if you are not happy outside of work. People are happier when they have a balance, enabling them to achieve personally and professionally. By helping readers to discover their own values, this guide gets them to think about their own career and who they want to be. This is entirely unlike any other business book out there.

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What Color Is Your Parachute? For College: Pave Your Path From Major to Meaningful Work by Katharine Brooks

An indispensable guide for college students, adapted from the world's most popular and bestselling career book, What Color Is Your Parachute? What Color Is Your Parachute? for College is the only guide you need for making the most of your college career from start to finish. Based on the bestselling job-hunting system in the world, created by Richard N. Bolles, it covers deciding on a major, designing a four-year plan with your interests and values in mind, creating impactful social media, developing a resume that stands out in a crowd, and making invaluable connections to the workplace. Filled with introspective activities designed to bring out your unique skills and knowledge for interviews, resumes, and cover letters, this book provides easy-to-follow templates, rubrics, and lists to help you create the best possible social media platform, including LinkedIn.You'll discover how to leverage your skills and experiences throughout college to start your future-whether that means landing a meaningful internship (and making the most of it!), finding your first job, continuing on to graduate school, or taking a gap year. Whatever your future plans, What Color Is Your Parachute? for College will get you there.

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Major Decisions: College, Career, and the Case for the Humanities by Laurie Grobman & E. Michele Ramsey

A practical how-to guide for students and a powerful reminder of the value of a humanities education In recent decades, the humanities have struggled to justify themselves in the American university. The costs of attending a four-year college have exploded, resulting in intense pressure on students to major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), business, and other pre-professional or "practical" majors that supposedly transmit more marketable skills than can be acquired from the humanities. But, as Laurie Grobman and E. Michele Ramsey argue, this vision of humanities majors idly pondering the meaning of life for four years is inaccurate. Major Decisions demonstrates how choosing a major in the humanities is a worthwhile investment in a global economy that is shifting in the direction of college graduates who think broadly, critically, and ethically. Indeed, the core skills and knowledge imparted by an education in the humanities--including facility with written and verbal communication, collaboration, problem-solving, technological literacy, ethics, leadership, and an understanding of the human impacts of globalization--are immensely useful to employers across a variety of sectors. Major Decisions serves as a deeply informative guide to students and parents--and provides a powerful reminder to employers and university administrators of the true value of an education in the humanities.

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Connect to Your Career by Suzann Connell & Julie Simon Jaehne

Connect to Your Career is a technology-driven 21st century reflection of how adults find and retain careers. It reflects a seamless integration of technology and social media to guide you as you self-assess and discover who you are as a future employee. It also highlights important, essential soft skills needed to help you find and retain employment. Technology is an essential part of the career-search process, so it is important to know how to leverage it to help you find the career you desire. Using technology as a tool, the text presents proven strategies for finding the career that is the best fit for you. You will be guided through the steps of planning your career; establishing your online presence; protecting your online identity; and networking in the 21st century. Integrated in this technology-centric approach are traditional resumes as well as nontraditional résumés, which are sure to capture the eye of an employer. No matter your career choice, Connect to Your Career will help you jump-start your future. In today's competitive work environment, well-developed job-search skills can help you stand out in the crowd.

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Your College Experience: Strategies for Success by John N. Gardner & Betsy O. Barefoot

Written by the leading authorities on the first-year seminar and grounded in research, Your College Experience by John Gardner and Betsy Barefoot offers today's diverse students the practical help they need to make the transition to college and get the most out of their time there. While maintaining its hallmark theme of goal setting, the new edition provides practical strategies across all topics of the book to help students be successful from the start. The book features a fresh new design and a strong new emphasis on the ten research-based High Impact Practices suggested by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Chapters on Emotional Intelligence, Thinking, and Wellness have all been thoroughly updated with tools and strategies students use on campus right now and the book features a fresh, new design.A full package of instructional support materials--including an Instructor's Annotated Edition, Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides, videos, and a Test Bank--provides new and experienced instructors all the tools they will need to engage students in this course and increase student retention.  

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