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Help guides on Pierce's research databases.

Human Anatomy Overview

     Human Anatomy includes tools that allow users to zoom, rotate, and explore models.

     Clicking through each session reveals reference content which users can search across or use to                 discover additional supporting materials; creating a fully engaging experience.


Here are some of the resources included in this database:

  • 3D interactive models of the body system, such as respiratory, skeletal, circulatory, or digestive.
  • 3D downloadable printable models
  • 125 interactable sessions
  • Quizzes and study tools

Getting Started with Human Anatomy

This brief 1:37  video below shows you how to get started using Human Anatomy:

Interested in learning about other types of searches you can run on Human Anatomy?

  • 30 minute webinar on how to use advance features

Learn more about Human Anatomy

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