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Help guides on Pierce's research databases.

EBSCO Ebooks Overview

 Ebsco eBooks logo 

Pierce's EBSCO eBook collection contains over 75,000 academic books on a variety of topics.



Here are a few tips for navigating the collection: 

  • In the search box, just type in a few keywords about your topic rather than whole sentences.
  • Too many results? Add additional keywords to your search of narrow down by subject on the left hand side of the results screen.
  • View a PDF of the book online or download for 48 hours.
  • Many of the books only allow one user at a time so if you get a message saying the book is in use, try again later.

Getting Started with EBSCO Ebooks

Learn how to navigate EBSCO ebooks in under 2 minutes by watching this video.

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