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Help guides on Pierce's research databases.

How to log into our databases

To access databases from off campus:

  • Students should use their Pierce ID number and their 4-digit password (MMDD in birthday format)
  • Faculty and staff should use their Pierce username and the last four digits of their employee ID numbers
  • Fall 2022: If you see a Microsoft login page after clicking on a database, enter an LACCD email address. You will then be taken to the single sign on page to login. This page explains the new process. 

What is an Academic Database?

Academic databases are organized digital collections of information.

The Databases A-Z page includes the complete list of all databases we have access to at Pierce. For help using one of these databases, click on its name from the menu on the left.

Each database we have includes unique content or covers different time periods. Databases may include ebooks, videos, and periodicals (like scholarly journals, newspapers, and magazines). Periodicals, like the Los Angeles Times for example, are made up of many different articles.

Netflix as a Database Analogy. The left shows an upside down pyramid with Netflix at the top. Within Netflix there are shows; each show is broken down into episodes. The right side of the image shows an upside down pyramid called Database X. It includes Journals, Newspapers and Magazines. Within these we would find articles.

Why Use an Academic Database?

Check out the 2 minute video below to see the benefits of using an academic database: