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Learn how to search for information on music topics in books & ebooks, article databases, and the web

Searching for Books

All Pierce College Library books can be found through One Search. 

Use the search box to type in the title of a book, the author, or some keywords of the subject you are researching.

  • Title (example): the anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft
  • Author (example): Philip Stein
  • Subject or Keywords (example): "social media" bullying

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Find books, articles, and more.

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Video on searching for books

Music Books in the Library

The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis
Chicano rock 'n' roll from Southern California
Music business careers: career duality in the creative industries
Cover image of book titled Icons of Hip Hop
Cover image of book
Ska: the rhythm of liberation
book cover of The Music Between Us
Lift Every Voice: the history of African American music