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Learn how to find books, articles, and other sources related to Education.

Searching for Books

All Pierce College Library books can be found through One Search. 

Use the search box to type in the title of a book, the author, or some keywords of the subject you are researching.

  • Title (example): the anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft
  • Author (example): Philip Stein
  • Subject or Keywords (example): "social media" bullying

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Find books, articles, and more.

Advanced Search

Video on searching for books

Education Books in the Library

Image of book cover
Image of book cover
Image of a plain black book cover.
Image of the feet and legs of an athlete running or jumping on a surface with a blue-green cityscape in the background.
Cover image with black-and-white portraits of sixteen women involved in community college movement profiled in the book.
Image of a painting of the top of sharpened pencil.
Image of a white classical column cracked and starting to fall in front of a red background.