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Addiction Studies

Guide for addiction studies.

Searching for Books

All Pierce College Library books can be found through One Search. 

Use the search box to type in the title of a book, the author, or some keywords of the subject you are researching.

  • Title (example): the anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft
  • Author (example): Philip Stein
  • Subject or Keywords (example): "social media" bullying

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Video on searching for books

Addiction Studies Books in the Library

Image of a wine bottle filled with red and white-colored prescription pills.
Image of a white circular shape with a clear cover.
Image of book cover.
Unplugged book cover art
Image of the top of a monkey's head and eyes at the bottom of the cover and some object dropping into the surface of a liquid at top.
Last Call book cover art
Image of a metal folding chair in front of black background on the left side of the cover and a white background on the right side.
Image of an emergency cabinet with its door open and empty of contents.
Black-and-white image of a residential street in a mountainous area.