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A guide for Open Educational Resources (OER) and where to find them.

What is ZTC?



You do not need to buy a textbook for ZTC classes. 

All readings and resources will be accessible online via Canvas for free. 

At Pierce, we call classes like ours "Zero Textbook Cost" (ZTC) classes. (You may also hear these referred to as OER classes.) 

If you like the idea of not having to buy books for your classes, you can search for other ZTC classes offered at Pierce by choosing "Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) - OER" from the "Class Search Type" dropdown in the schedule of classes. 

ZTC Logo in the Schedule

ZTC Zero Textbook Cost

Look for this symbol in the schedule for classes with free textbooks! 

To find those classes, either search for classes the way you normally would and look for this this logo in the results.


You can limit the classes results by limiting the search by Class Search Type to ZTC

To see how, watch the video below.