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One Book, One Campus

The "One Book, One Campus" program is designed to foster student engagement by creating an interdisciplinary and integrated intellectual experience.

Spring 2019

Special Exhibition at the Pierce Art Gallery (Room 3301)

Prison Nation: Posters on the Prison Industrial Complex

Exhibit Dates: February 04 to March 29, 2019

Official Reception: Thursday, February 14; 6-8pm

Link to Facebook Event
For accommodations, please contact Prof. Ramirez Wee at WEEMR@PIERCECOLLEGE.EDU

Fall 2018

“The Unlocking Justice Summit Event”
Friday, Oct. 12th from 8 am–3 pm in the Great Hall
Everyone welcome!
Contact: Lisa Valdez, Assistant Professor of Library Science,

This year’s One Book, One Campus read is “Race to Incarcerate” by Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer, exploring the country’s sentencing policy, race, and the criminal justice system. The Summit event features keynote speaker Aaron Harvey, wrongfully incarcerated UC Berkeley student. Join the discussion and

  • Become Aware of Cycles of Socialization and Oppression
  • Participate in Identity & Cultural Exploration Activities  
  • Recognize Your Connection to Systems of Power and Privilege
  • Develop Skills to Become Socially Conscious Community Leaders  
  • Network with Community Members Committed to Social Justice

disabled access icon If you need accommodations to attend this event, please contact the LIBRARY DEPARTMENT and LISA VALDEZ at:                                    818-710-4440 or at least five days in advance.

Unlocking Justice Summit  


Los Angeles Pierce College One Book One Campus


Unlocking Justice Summit: Impeaching the System


8:15-9:00am: Registration/Breakfast

9:00-9:10am: Welcome (Great Hall)

9:15-10:30am: Keynote Address * Aaron Harvey

10:40-11:50pm: Workshops

12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch & Dessert Resource Fair (Great Hall)

12:15-12:30: Thank You *Dr. Earic Dixon-Peters, VPSS

1:00-1:30pm: Q & A with

        *LAPD Deputy Chief Kris Pitcher

1:05-1:45pm: Q & A with

  *Panelist / Facilitator Dr. Frank Harris                

1:50-2:00pm:  Closing Remarks/Chance Drawing   

                             [MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN]

Workshops - 10:40am -11:50pm


Ruben Pinuelas: From Solitary Confinement to Breaking Down Barriers

*The prison system claim to rehabilitate us, but needs to rehabilitate itself. The prison system preys on the innocence of diversity; solitary confinement preys on the idea of community.

Joseph Roberson & Michael Brox: When your skin is your sin: The implications of being Black and Brown in America

*An open forum discussion where attendees are encouraged to participate. Topics discussed may be personal and evoke emotion; therefore, all attendees must be afforded dignity allowing all to speak freely.

Charles Johnson: Ghost on campus: You look - but you don’t see me

*Exploring the experiences in a male-centered initiative by re-framing identity and masculinity to understand students’ engagement on campus.

Dr. Frank Harris: Unpacking Distrust, Disdain, and Disregard of Men of Color: Lessons Learned from "Black Minds Matter"            

*Highlighting he role that the “D-Three Effect” has on the success of men of color in education throughout the P-20 pipeline.

Aaron Harvey: Gang Documentation: The Criminalization Of Black & Brown Culture

*Taking back the narrative of our culture and using it to build stronger communities and political power.