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Writing & Composition

This Guide will show you where to look for useful writing, researching & composition information.

Six Tests for Evaluating Websites

As you do research on the Internet, take the time to evaluate the Web sites you visit.  Check for:

  • Authority: Is the author/sponsor an expert?
  • Objectivity: Is the author trying to convince, educate, or sell you something?
  • Accuracy: Where did the author get the information provided? How does it compare to other sources on this topic?
  • Currency: How up to date is the site?
  • Content / Relevancy: Does the site provide useful information related to your topic?
  • Aesthetics: Do the graphics and art serve a function or are they decorative?

"Evaluating  Websites" (1:56)

This video may be helpful in evaluating websites.

NOTE: To see captions, start the video, then click the CC button at the bottom right, or click Transcript.