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Writing & Composition

This Guide will show you where to look for useful writing, researching & composition information.

Welcome to English language and writing resources!

Row of books - English Dictionaries
This Guide will show you where to look for useful English language & writing information, including:

  •    Reference Books & Encyclopedias: Overviews and background information.
  •    Books (print & e-books): Additional, more detailed background information on a topic.
  •    Databases & Articles: Find useful articles and other materials by using powerful searching in library databases. Many of these items are invisible to Google.
  •    Citing: Why & How: Where did you find the information you used for your research paper, and why should you bother to list it?

Note: Image: Keogh, John. English Dictionaries.  17 Jun 2005  CC:A-NC

Does Google index the entire Internet?

NO, Google does not index the entire Internet!

Take a look at the Internet Live Site to see how big the Internet is, updated live.

What is the Deep Web is a visual representation of the following:

   In 2001 the Invisible Web was estimated "at about 500 times the size of the web as we know it." In 2016, a researcher estimated  that 2.5 million people use the Invisible Web.

Note: The "Invisible Web" = information that you cannot get through Google and other general web search tools, including journal articles in the Library's databases.