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The Pierce College Library serves as a hub of learning on campus. The Library/Learning Crossroads building (LLC), which opened in April 2013, has seen a huge increase of use by students and staff.  Averages of 4,000 people use the library every day.

The Pierce College Library has:

58,929 square feet of space

8 group study rooms

118 study carrels

80 tables for reading and studying

134 soft seating areas

110 Open Access computers

Wireless Internet access (for students and employees only)

20 Reference academic and database access computers

Library Instruction Classroom with 40 computers

Two copy rooms with black and white printers/copiers

One color printer/copier


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check out books?

At the Circulation Desk. If you come in through the library's main entrance, the circulation desk is on your left. 

My professor said she put something on reserve. What does this mean?

Reserve books are held behind the circulation desk in the library. These books can be checked out but only for a short period of time (generally 2 hours). 

Where are the library's periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals)? 

The new library no longer has a "periodicals counter." Some current newspapers and magazines are on display racks in the main entrance area of the library. If you need to look at older issues of a newspaper, or issues of a particular magazine or journal, you may request these at the Circulation desk.

Does the library have photocopiers?

Yes. The library has two copy rooms that contain cash operated copiers. Photocopying costs 10 cents per page for black and white, and 50 cents per page for color. 

Are there restrooms in the library?

Yes. There are two sets of men's and women's restrooms in the building. One set is located next to the library's Reference desk and the other set is located on the far wall (facing the parking lot.)

Where are the dictionaries, encyclopedias and other books that used to be behind the Reference desk? 

These books may now be found in the bookshelves next to the reference area computers. These shelves are shorter than those used for our other books, and these shorter shelves mean the items included are reference materials that cannot be checked out of the library.

Can I eat my lunch or drink my morning coffee in the library?

No food or drink, with the exception of bottled water, is allowed in the library. We want the library's carpet, couches, and other furnishings to stay nice for you for as long as possible. And this means no food or beverages allowed.

Not even tea?

         No, not even tea.

I'm trying to access the online databases but I'm not getting the correct login page. It is not the usual page that asks me to login with my student 88 number, but a different login page I haven't seen before.

You should encounter the login screen once you click on a database link. If you are not getting the correct login screen you can go directly to 

Where do I return books when the library is closed?

The bookdrop is on the second floor of the library building next to the main entrance. 

Does it cost money to borrow books?

No, you don't have to pay to borrow library books. However, it is important to return your library materials on time. There are fines for returning items late. Fines are listed on the loan policy chart.

My records are on hold because I owe the library money. Can I pay my library fines online? 

At the present time, there is no online payment system  for library fines. Library fines can be paid by cash or check in the library. If you have questions about the amount you owe or would like to mail in your payment, please contact the circulation desk at (818) 719-6409.

I used to be a student at Pierce. Can I still use the library?

You are welcome to use the library, but only students registered for the current semester, faculty and staff may borrow materials to take home or use the databases from off campus.

How do I use the wi-fi?

Students can login to the student wi-fi network with their student ID number and their new email password. More information is available here:

Can guests use the wi-fi?

         There is no guest wi-fi available.

Can I talk on my phone in  the library?

It's preferred that you take your phone conversations outside so as not to disturb the other library users.

The book I need is located in the stacks. Where are the stacks?

         The Stacks are the tall shelves in the library where the majority of the library's non-fiction materials are kept. The call numbers range from A-Z.

I'm clearing out my garage and have lots of boxes of books. Does the library accept donations?

Aside from historical documents about Pierce College or textbooks published within a few years of the current edition, the library is unable to accept donations at this time. Better World Books and Discover Books are two companies that do great things with donated books. Click the links to search for your nearest drop off location. Most LAPL branches also take donations. Contact your local branch to see if they are currently taking donations: Further questions about donating books can be sent to Lauren Saslow, (818)710-4442 or